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Curriculum Vitae prof. dr. Jan van Dunné


Prof. Dr. Jan M. van Dunné
Age Born in 1941
Nationality Dutch
Firm Erasmus University Rotterdam, Faculty of Law, Netherlands (retired)
Consulting firm J.M. van Dunné B.V.
Expertise Contract and Tort Law, Construction Law, Environmental Law
Languages English, German, French, some Spanish, basic Italian, Indonesian
Address Terbregselaan 164, 3055 RK Rotterdam, Netherlands

Curriculum Vitae

  • Leiden University, Faculty of Law: Juris Doctor 1965; PhD 1971
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam: Professor of Private Law, Commercial Law and the Law of Civil procedure since 1972; retired on 1 March 2006. PhD doctorates realised: 18.
  • Sabbaticals: Berkeley, California, 1977; NYU, New York, 1996, and Cape Town, 2000.
  • General Reporter on Pure Economic Loss, IACL, Bristol 1998.
  • District Court Rotterdam: Part-time judge since 1975 (retired).
  • Director Institute of Environmental Damage and Liability Law, Rotterdam, 1986-2006.
  • Research projects: City of Rot­terdam (Port Authority, on har­bour pollution; pollution of rivers Rhine and Meuse), Ministry of the Envi­ronment and the Minis­try of Trans­port and Waterways (on North Sea oil polluti­on) and the EEC (water pollution). Contract research funds: ca. € 2 million.
  • Director Institute of Legal Decision making, Rotterdam, 1982-2006.
  • Empirical research on judicial decision making and out-of-court settlements. Several research projects for the Ministry of Justice.
  • Contract research funds: ca. € 0.4 million.
  • Editor-in-chief of the Environmental Damage and Liability Law Review, TMA, 1987-2010 (SDU, The Hague).
  • President Dutch Private Law Association, 1986-1994.
  • Chairman Legal Committee, Council for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, 1988-1999. International Academy of Comparative Law, IACL (Paris), Membre titulaire.
  • President of the Board of Arbitration OSB, Association of Cleaning Firms, Den Bosch (including industrial cleaning); in most cases single arbitrator.
  • Arbitrator NAI (Netherlands Arbitration Institute, Rotterdam), TAMARA (Transport And Maritime Arbitration, Rotterdam-Amsterdam), and LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration), in international construction, contract, transport, and corporate take-over cases.
  • Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London.
  • Arbitrator ICC Court of Arbitration, Paris; Chairman of the Tribunal in a construction dispute between American and Egyptian parties, in 1988-1989. Sole Arbitrator in airline/contractor dispute in 1999-2001; Arbitrator in 2004, 2006 and 2008, in contract disputes, wreck salvage.
  • Adjudicator in several FIDIC construction contracts in a wind park project.
  • Author of legal opinions on construction law (toll bridge, tunnels, infra-structure, energy), contract law and environmental liability. Publications, e.g.:
    • On a Clear Day, You Can See the Continent – The Shrouded Acceptance of Good Faith as a General Rule of Contract Law on the British Isles, 31 Construction Law Journal, 2015, Issue 1, p.3-25.
    • Verbintenissenrecht (‘Law of Obligations’), Volumes I and II, 5th ed. 2004, Kluwer, Deventer.
    • The Duty of Care in Contract and Tort. Selected Essays on Contract, Construction Law, Environmental Liability, Jurisprudence, Shaker Publishing, Maastricht, 2006
    • Force majeure and Frustration of Contract, 20(2) Internat. Construction LR, 2002, p.162 ff.